This blog is a compilation of news article on trekking incidents in Malaysia and Singapore.

The objective is to create awareness that there are dangers when trekking in Malaysia and Singapore. Accident do happens and at times can be fatal. Even in a small country like Singapore, a trekker was lost for almost 2 days! Most accidents can be avoided, if the trekkers are prepared and pay attention to their surrounding during the trek.

So be prepare for your next trek:

  1. Know where you are going. Read up about the trail; distance, elevation, checkpoints, terrain, challenges on the trail, markers, landmark along the way, junctions, estimated time for the trek, fitness level required…etc.
  2. Essential trekking gears. Remember to bring them! Make sure batteries are fully charged, First Aid kit are properly stock, equipment (headlamp, GPS, hydration bag…etc) are tested before the trek. You can have a look at “The Ten Essentials
  3. Good practices during the trek. Don’t trek alone; get a buddy, walk together or stick with the group. Walk on designated trail, don’t deviate. Take care of the environment; do not damage flora and fauna along the way. Bring your rubbish out. Be mindful on where you grip and where you walk, you don’t want to disturb a bee hives!  Have a read on “Hiking Rules & Trail Etiquette
  4. Train! Ensure you have the fitness needed for the trek.


Enjoy your trek!


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